CentOs VPS Setup To Host Your Website – Step By Step Guide

How to get started and host your website on CentOs VPS

This series of tutorials will guide you on how to setup your website on a RHEL / Centos 7 linux server. From apache installation to basic firewall setup to SSL certificate to wordpress installation everything is covered.

List Of Setps

  1. Starting up: The first step
  2. Apache HTTP server Installation
  3. MySQL Database Installation
  4. PHP Installation
  5. Virtual Host configuration
  6. Installing WordPress
  7. Setting up cloudflare SSL
  8. Changing the SSH port
  9. iptables basic firewall setup
  10. Installing and configuring fail2ban intrusion prevention software
  11. Disabling root login
  12. Disabling direct IP access
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How to disable direct ip access on CentOs VPS

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