How to bypass twitter phone verification

If you are looking to bypass twitter phone verification without a phone number then I must say it is not possible but there is a simple workaround.

You can just get a sim-based phone number to verify your twitter account online.

So where to get such a phone number?
FelixMerchant is a provider of real phone numbers that belong to mobile carriers and is guaranteed to work with not only twitter but many other websites out there.

There are two types of phone numbers offered by felixmerchant –
One time use only (disposable number) and Permanent number which can last from a week to a month and it can be renewed, so the duration isn’t a problem if you want it for more than a month.

The question is which is the best for you, which one should you buy?
The disposable number is a quick and cheap solution while a permanent number can be a bit costly but comes with peace of mind. Twitter is known to be strict with phone verification.

Since the disposable number can only be used once for unlocking the Twitter account or creating a new one with the activation code, it should not be kept in the twitter account. After using it you should remove the phone number from your twitter account which can easily be done from the settings. This is because you never know when twitter will ask you for re-verification and if it does then you will be locked out of your account with no way of getting back in because you won’t have access to the disposable phone number.
On the other hand, you can safely keep the permanent number in your twitter account and whenever twitter locks you out or asks you to re-verify you can easily access the verification code sent to the permanent number.

When you remove the phone number from twitter, it could ask you to verify your phone number after an hour, after a week or a month if you are lucky but you can’t predict it. So if you buy a disposable number then you are kind of hoping that twitter doesn’t ask you for phone verification again. I do not have access to twitter code base I do not know how this all works, how verification is triggered, what algorithms they use but personally I think twitter doesn’t like if you add and remove the phone number quickly.
I believe that buying a permanent phone number for a week and then removing it after your subscription ends is better than removing it instantly after the verification.

So both types of numbers will give you access to your account, it’s up to you which one you want. It is safe to use a disposable number in the twitter account as long as you remove it after getting access to your account.

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  • my phone number that i put in my twitter account is already lost. how can i change my phone number in twitter to my new number? so that it could update me or change it into email instead of phone number


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